Massage Spa

Ready for the Rest and Relaxation of A Massage Spa?

If you are headed to the nail salon, how about asking for the massage spa treatment while you are there. At the SoHo Nail Bar, they won't look at you like you're crazy because the SoHo Nail Bar also offers massage spa treatment to help care for your hands and feet.

Imagine your feet soaking in a sugar scrub, or your hands being massaged between manicure appointments. In fact, the SoHo team suggests using the exfoliating and hydrating hand massage treatment between Gel manicures. Give your nails the attention and care they deserve and make them look good with a manicure and pedicure. And then let your body feel the rest and relaxation of a massage spa, and feel as good as you look.

Contact the SoHo Nail Bar to schedule your next manicure or pedicure, or for more information about our many salon services. Thank you for stopping by and for choosing SoHo, where rest, relaxation, and your next manicure or pedicure is only a call away.